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Kumitrix is a multi-award-winning architects' practice and interior design company based in New York.

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Create a new branding and develop a landing page that allows for quick consultations inquiry.

My Role

Responsive Web Design & Development, UI/UX, Branding, Logo Design



I worked closely with the team to create a new identity that is inline with their business. We've researched their market audience, competitors, and company’s history. A new logo and branding was required right off the bat. After a successful branding project, they ended up having me design and develop their website, which has made it easy for their clients to schedule consultations.

1. Landing Page

kumitrix landing page

2. Responsiveness

kumitrix showcase kumitrix mobile kumitrix mobile

3. Interactive Animations

3.1 Mobile Menu & Consultation Form Animations

4. Icons used

kumitrix icons

5. Brand Guidelines

I worked alongside the Kumitrix team on creating a unique brand. For the logotype, we decided on a square, which defines order and stability. Squares are also seen as standing for firm foundations, both literally and metaphorically. There are basic reasons why most building footprints are squares: they are stable and encourage permanent structures.

kumitrix brand guidelines

5.1 Logo Design

kumitrix logo kumitrix contrast

5.2 Folder Design

kumitrix folder

5.3 Business Card Design

kumitrix business cards

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